Kyle RIEBOCK, assistant linguistique américain


Merci Kyle
Kyle RIEBOCK étudiant américain continue son périple européen, il est cette fois-ci en Grèce. Il rejoindra  l’Université du Michigan pour y reprendre ses études en Biologie. Il souhaite enseigner dans un lycée international . Nous remercions vivement  les familles qui l’ont hébergé pendant cette période : M et Mme DUMORTIER, M et Mme LEDUC et M et Mme CORNE. Nous lui avons demandé de nous faire faire un retour sur son séjour en tant qu’assistant linguistique au sein de l’établissement du 23 avril au 2 juin 2019

“My name is Kyle Riebock, and for six weeks in Spring 2019 I was an English Language teaching assistant in the Lycée Ozanam. I am an American, studying to be an international teacher at the University of Michigan in the United States. During my time working at the lycée, I learned a lot both about teaching as well as about French culture. In terms of learning more about teaching, I was very lucky to be working with all eight English language teachers at the lycée, who all taught me a lot about how to work with students that have a native language different from my own. I also was able to stay with three different host families over the course of my stay, meeting many different people and seeing many different towns. Some other great parts of my experience were visiting cities such as Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam, trying tasty French pastries, and seeing the beautiful countryside. I would definitely recommend this program to future volunteers and am very thankful for the incredible people at the Lycée Ozanam and AIESEC for making this possible for me!”

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